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Innovative solutions

The company ITTI offers a ready-made innovative solutions.

The system consists of a mobile application for the patient and a part for medical personnel available through a web browser. Patient application includes modules supporting data collection from various medical measurements by either manually entering the data or reading results from sensors. The application for medical personnel supports the monitoring of patients by specific medical scenarios including in particular the analysis of collected data (also using dedicated algorithms) and communication with the patient.

The main functions of the application

Mobile application for the patient:


  • Basic measurements manual entry or automatic transfer of result from the Bluetooth sensor (blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, weight, saturation)
  • Medical history (observation, oncology, obstetrical observation)
  • MTO (respiratory track monitor) – prototype
  • eCTG (prototype)
  • Video consultation

Web application for medical personnel:


  • Patient’s list
  • Health records
  • Medical parameters trend analysis
  • Summary of changes (e.g. deterioration)
  • Sharing information with the patient (therapy calendar)
  • Risk status analysis (algorithm to support the analysis of heart failure)
  • Video consultation

Supported medical scenarios:

  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Heart failure
  • Chemotherapy
  • Preoperative rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Elderly health care

Key users:

  • John Paul II Hospital in Krakow
  • Department of Cardiology of Łódź University of Medical Science
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Private Practice
  • Social Welfare Home in Pleszew

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LimaLIMA2 is a software solution supporting the management of continuous process of learning the organisation from experience. It implements the Lessons Learnt approach defined in three phases: Acquiring experience, Gathering and analysing experience, Applying experience. It offers functions focusing on gathering information related to activities performed and incidents, analysing them and defining observations, preparing recommendations which can improve future activities and evaluating the application of such recommendations.


  • Instant access to the most recent information stored in central data or knowledge base
  • Gathering of observations, identified lessons and recommendations
  • Structured way of managing the lesson learned data according to the LL process
  • Set of predefined data filters enabling effective gathering and processing only relevant data
  • Cause-effect analysis of observations and lessons identified
  • Defining correlations between lesson learned related data
  • Ordering of the lesson learned related data in hierarchical structures of dependencies
  • Dissemination of the lesson learned related data among agency or corporate structures
  • Formalization of recording lesson learned related data


  • Desktop application, without mobile version
  • Limited possibilities of graph production
  • Fixed categories and taxonomy developed for the observations/lessons learned/recommendations



We develop innovative solutions in the IT and telecommunications. We advise how to use them in business practice. We create a friendly applications, primarily in web and mobile technologies.

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