The web has become complicated with a lot of intrusion on personal data. Thus several countries have stepped up regulations on how companies can use the data of their users. There are also heavy penalties for companies which misuse user data or allow it to be misused intentionally or unintentionally. Though the privacy policy has to be worded in simple terms that your users can understand, it is also pivotal that you protect yourself against legal liabilities.

There is no room for ambiguity, it can cost you millions. Better safe than sorry.

James Anderson

Attorney, Montana Legal Clinic

Things you should cover in your privacy policy

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  1. All the cookies you use and for what purpose
  2. What are all the user related that you collect.
  3. Where is the user data stored and how it is processed.
  4. Disclose 3rd parties that can collect your user data and in that case how they store and process it.
  5. Provide a mechanism for your users to access their stored data.
  6. Provide your users the ability to delete their data.

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