R&D structure

R&D department consists of two teams, one specialised in sensor & biometrics technologies and the other in data science & cybersecurity aspects. The key activities of both teams include the design and development of innovative product lines and technologies. Moreover, ITTI’s R&D composition features two competence centres comprising experts in such domains as crisis management as well as communication and computer networks. Their responsibility is to aid R&D activities in their areas of expertise and propose new solutions that can be used to improve our products.

Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team

Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team is involved exclusively in R&D activities for the biggest institutions in Europe including European Commission (EC) and European Defence Agency (EDA). Joining efforts with prime research institutes, industry and universities in Europe, the team contributes to international research and development of innovative solutions.

The core competences of Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team include:

  • design and development of surveillance networks as well as image processing and analysis
  • biometric-based technologies, including on-the-move biometric identification
  • CBRNe defence solutions (including detection, threat monitoring and recovery technologies)
  • machine learning solutions (including neural network and evolutionary algorithms)
  • algorithms supporting networks of sensors (data fusion, sensor deployment optimization)
  • scene reconstruction and advanced visualization of the operational environment
  • advanced sensor communication solutions
  • autonomous remote sensing platforms design and development (including UGVs and RPAS)
  • sensor development (e.g acoustic detectors system)
  • design and development of high level network of sensor management platforms

This multi-disciplinary team consists of software and hardware engineers, machine learning engineers, project managers, and business/IT analysts.

Data Science and Cybersecurity Team

Data Science and Cybersecurity Team is focused exclusively on the R&D activities and international collaboration in the field of ICT, advanced data analysis and cybersecurity. The team is known for its rich experience in R&D activities carried out for European Commission (EC), European Defence Agency (EDA) and The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), as well as national research programmes.

The main focus of the team includes research on innovative solutions to enhance current capabilities in the areas of cybersecurity and network anomaly detection e.g. by applying innovative machine learning, lifelong learning and pattern recognition techniques.

Moreover, Data Science and Cybersecurity Team has technical expertise in such areas as:

  • information management
  • cybercrime and cyberterrorism prevention
  • privacy and data protection (incl. GDPR)
  • critical infrastructure protection and crisis management
  • security of cyber-physical systems
  • roadmapping activities and national security
  • (big) data processing, analysis and visualization
  • software quality optimization (including security aspects)
  • network threats and vulnerability assessment
  • advanced data analysis for counterterrorism and safety applications
  • design and development of dedicated portals for security tools assessment

The team comprises software engineers, cybersecurity experts as well as project managers.

Crisis Management Competence Centre

Crisis Management Competence Centre is a group of experts involved in research and development activities within the framework of European Commission (EC) projects. In most cases, the competence centre plays a role of IT partner or a contact point to Polish stakeholders. Overall, the centre has experience in the following areas:

  • crisis management and civil protection
  • critical situations modelling and simulation
  • fight against crime and terrorism
  • vessels movement patterns analysis
  • cascade effects analysis
  • applied games

The competence centre closely cooperates with numerous commercial and academic partners all over Europe. Moreover, it offers a wide range of services including design and development of specialised web-based, desktop and mobile applications that meet clients requirements and achieve desired Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

The Communications and Computer Networks Competence Centre

The Communications and Computer Networks Competence Centre carries out R&D activities in the areas of information and communication technologies, and security. The competence centre is involved in projects mainly for European Commission (EC), European Defence Agency (EDA), The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and national projects. The core competences include:

  • QoS/QoE software solutions
  • design and development of new communication solutions
  • design and development of software for network management
  • hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • new protocol implementation
  • communication simulation software

The competence centre comprises a diversified group of experts with different background who recently have been focusing on 5G network and a number of related aspects.