Anthropometric Recognition System

The system offers a novel method of on-the-move biometric verification. The added value of the proposed system is its ability to overcome numerous limitations of state-of-the-art biometric solutions. Namely, it is capable of performing on-the-move verification with no intrusiveness. Moreover, the system is able to operate in a range of environmental conditions.

The recognition system incorporates a network of depth cameras, which is supported by dedicated algorithms for video sequence segmentation as well as feature extraction. Designed and developed with the help of forensic medicine experts, the system allows for verification of person’s ID on the basis of gait and anthropometric features, which have been proven to be unique for each individual. The proposed anthropometric system might be used for a diverse applications including: border security, facility access control, etc.

Sensor network optimization

Network optimization and sensor deployment have often been taken for granted during sensor network design and development. Therefore, the proposed program applies a genetic algorithm in order to optimize network design and find the most suitable spots for sensors deployment. The software calculates the optimized deployment spots considering the terrain, weather condition, area of interest, and other factors indicated by a customer. The key benefit for the user is the possibility to improve the network design and reduce the number of redundant sensor nodes, which, as a consequence, reduces the overall network cost.

Surveillance network

A network of sensors developed by ITTI comprises visual light and IR cameras. The offered network has an edge over commercially available networks since it allows users to detect suspicious behaviour of subjects, perform subject tracking and generate 3D scene visualizations. The multipurpose system might be easily extended with additional sensors of different type, e.g. acoustic or seismic to provide an efficient unattended network for area (or border) protection against trespassers. What is more, the overall application of the system is foreseen for urban area monitoring and infrastructure protection.

Scene reconstruction

Scene reconstruction software is able to create 3D point cloud generated on the basis of observed environment. Collecting data for a longer period of time allows the system to provide reliable anomaly detection in the area of interest. What is more, novel algorithms are learning environment which is being observed. If something abnormal is detected, the alarm may be raised. As a configurable tool, Scene Reconstruction could be used in different environments and situations.

PROCeed – crisis management decision games

PROCeed is a computer system which prepares its users  for proper decision-making in crisis situations. It enables creating and running all kinds of simulation applications and can be used as an interactive decision-making training game, as well as a tool for multi-variant analysis. Implementation of  simulation techniques enables accurate modelling of the actual emergency proceedings by providing all the necessary roles, flashpoints, events, physical objects, or the environment.  While observing dynamically changing situation, application users can influence on the  other users engagement  and make various decisions affecting future course of events. Now the library of offered decision games includes: crisis management ones – “Flood” and “Epidemic”, service continuity management one – “Railway Disaster” and logistic one – “Supply Chain”.[:]