[:en]Biometrics is a branch of science focused on human body measurements and calculations. One of the common practical application of biometrics is person identification on the basis of unique individual physiological and behavioural features. In particular, the following key areas are of interest:

Face recognition

Face recognition is a well-known and widely spread biometric recognition technique. Application of state-of-the-art sensors for face recognition helps in achieving high level of security and resistance to spoofing attempts thanks to, e.g. liveness detection. Moreover, Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team has been performing research on novel recognition algorithms and technologies in order to provide improved technological components with reduced number of false alarms.

Vein recognition

Vein recognition has recently emerged as relatively reliable biometric solution, which has been proven to be unique for each individual. Therefore, Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team has been carrying out research and development activities in this field related to the application of multispectral infrared light as a tool for vein pattern acquisition. Vein patterns are known to be highly unique and the technology itself is proven to be reliable and robust thanks to spoofing resistance (liveness detection can be easily implemented).

Gait recognition

Gait recognition belongs to the branch of behavioural biometrics and it is one of the newest  trends in biometric technologies. For the purposes of gait pattern analysis and recognition, Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team has been using a network of RGB-D cameras. The added value of the developed prototype is its ability to verify a person on the move without the particular need of the user to cooperate with the system.[:]