Warehouse and production system

ITTI develops and implements a CONTRA WMS/MES system that supports business processes for customer orders, particularly associated with the flow of production and warehouse management. CONTRA allows monitoring and analyzing data on the course of processes and their effectiveness at every stage.

Customer Service
  • Management and monitoring of customer orders,

  • Purchase orders planning, 

  • Records of contractors and suppliers, 

  • Product catalog management, 

  • Integration with ERP class systems.

  • Production orders generating, 

  • Production planning and scheduling, 

  • Production monitoring and reporting, 

  • Use of bills of materials, 

  • Employee and machine performance analysis.

  • Reservation orders generating, 

  • Handling receipts, picking, and release orders,

  • Work planning and monitoring, 

  • Performance analysis,

  • Report generating,

  • Location and inventory control.


The effects of implementing the CONTRA system

Contra is a modular and dedicated system adapted to the diverse production and warehouse processes in the enterprises.


  • Ongoing control over the progress of the production orders,

  • Comfortable planning and scheduling of production orders, 

  • Monitoring employee and machine work efficiency, 

  • Tracking raw material and waste consumption, 

  • Generating reports for employees and machines.


  • Ongoing verification of stock levels, 

  • Shortening the duration of goods receipts and deliveries,

  • Easier and faster handling of warehouse operations, 

  • Minimization of picking, receipts, and releases errors, 

  • Better identification of specific products. 

Contra Modules

Contra is a modular and dedicated system adapted to the diverse production and warehouse processes in the enterprises.

Customer orders

Manage customer orders – monitor the status of each item.


Add new customers and suppliers, update information about them regularly.

Product catalog

Create a product list tailored to your business.


Manage goods reservations, receipts, pickings, and releases.

Production orders

Create production orders, monitor every stage of production.

Production plan

Plan your production and monitor employee and machine work efficiency.

Inventory warehouse

Complex inventory management – control your stocks level.


Manage user accounts, add and edit permissions.

Your module

Are you missing a system feature? No problem – we can create it for you!

Magazyn, produkcja i zlecenia

CONTRA jest systemem wspierającym procesy biznesowe służące realizacji zamówień klienta, szczególnie związane z przepływami produkcyjnymi i zarządzaniem magazynem.

Umożliwia monitorowanie i analizowanie danych dotyczących przebiegu procesów, ich efektywności oraz rozliczeń na każdym etapie procesu.


Production and warehouse processes

CONTRA system provides support for many typical production and warehouse processes in the enterprises, such as customer orders, goods reservations, releases, receipts, warehouse, and production tasks.


Comfortable orders monitoring 

Automatic change of statues of orders and tasks helps to monitor warehouse and production processes at every stage.


Mobile warehouse application 


Find goods in the warehouse or search the content of a given location 


Report goods movement in the warehouse

Goods receipts

Receipt goods and materials into the warehouse


Check and report the stock levels of goods in a given location


Mobile production application

Task reports

Raportuj wykoanie zadania produkcyjnego


Waste management at every stage of the production process

Breaks & Malfunctions

Add breaks and machine malfunctions along with their causes

Technical Drawings 

See technical drawing for every production task 



Learn more

Quick answers for typical questions bothering our customers.

How much does the CONTRA system cost?

The price of the Contra system depends on the number and complexity of modules needed by your company. Make an appointment for a free meeting and we’ll tell you how much the system can cost you.

What are the requirements for the CONTRA system?

To operate the CONTRA system you need a physical server in your company or a cloud solution. You don’t know which version will be better for you? Don’t worry – we will help you choose the best solution for your business.

What is the CONTRA implementation process?

We implement the Contra system in stages. We start with in-depth pre-implementation analysis, then we specify the scope. We implement the software following the Agile approach (step by step). After launching the entire system at the client, we provide post-implementation support. The customer has the opportunity to become familiar with the system and submit comments at every stage of implementation.

How long does it take to implement the CONTRA system?

The time of implantation on the number and complexity of modules needed by your company. Make an appointment for a free meeting and we’ll tell you how much the system can cost you.

Is the CONTRA system suitable for my needs?

Do you have mistakes and errors in goods receipts and releases? Are you losing time looking for a specific product in the warehouse? Do you have a problem with production planning and scheduling? You don’t know at what stage each customer order is? Contra will solve these and more problems in your company


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